REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS FUTURE is an invitation to travel via the blockchain...

BACK IN TIME through the museum’s collection.

Pioneering digital artists create new digital editions inspired by LACMA’s holdings.

Released on the blockchain in phases, Remembrance of Things Future is engineered and curated by Cactoid Labs, conceived and created in support of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Remembrance of Things Future includes historic limited editioned and long-form generative artworks by Monica Rizzolli, Ix Shells, Jen Stark, Emily Xie, Sarah Zucker, 0xDEAFBEEF, William Mapan, Tyler Hobbs and other digital practitioners.




In conjunction with Remembrance of Things Future, LACMA is exhibiting previously minted works shown above by the featured artists on the museum's Stark Bar screens, curated by Lady Cactoid.


I’ve never collected an NFT. What should I do?

We are here to help 🌵 Email us at: cactoid [at] cactoidlabs [dot] io

Will there be future blockchain releases in this series?

Absolutely! Stay tuned for our upcoming releases and programs!